Transborder Cafe - Freetown - 16.2.19

Torsdag 31. januar kl.15:48 til lørdag 16. februar kl.21:00
Ritz - Restaurant & Bar
Dr. Wessels gate 17, Kirkenes, NorgeÅpne kart

There are many reasons why some people migrate. Some move for work opportunities while some move to study, some migrate for love and family while some just for adventure in a new land. For others, migration is not about choice. War and conflict, political and religious persecution and climate change and hunger force people to pull up roots often suddenly and without warning. In today's world, some enjoy the benefits of mobility, but for others, mobility is a luxury they will never have.

Is Chinatown today a home away from home -- a cultural enclave and outpost of a far-flung land?  Or one that flourishes with its own diverse cultural, social and economic rhythms?

In Harstad, a musical enclave is forming, building united divergence in music. Harstad has been appointed as the first Freetown for persecuted musicians. In this Transborder Cafe we discuss the phenomena of Chinatown and compare the phenomena of Freetown in order to reflect on its potential as reformers or assets of city development in the north. We will hear from Hamid Sakhizada, an Afghan musician of Hazara heritage whose people have endured centuries of genocide and persecution. Sakhizada is a singer and dambora player and an important performer in Harstad's new Freetown ensemble: The United Divergence Orchestra!

United Divergence Orchestra
Hamid Sakhizada, dambora / vocal
Runa Bergsmo, cello
Erika Toth, violin
Khaled Harara, rap
Fred Glesnes, saxophone and flute
Anders Eriksson, trumpet and flugelhorn
Åsmund Walter Kildal Eriksson, bass
Hans Petter Vabog, percussion
Henrik Skog / Asbjørn Ruud, guitar

MC: Gørild Mauseth

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